Governance & Consensus on the Bitcoin Protocol: A Forking Case Study

2017 was a year of exponential and innovative growth, what would be considered by many as a Cambrian explosion of initial coin offerings…

Initiating Governance Proposals Guidelines

Sögur’s governance system allows Participants to submit governance proposals for the consideration of other Participants which then may…

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Controlled by Holders and Effective: Introducing Sögur’s Governance Model

Sögur’s governance combines democractic legitimacy with the effectiveness of the corporation, while utilizing the advantages of…

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Interpretation of PIKE ecological governance, the future value of PPC shines

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has become one of the hot topics in the crypto field this year. The DeFi market has experienced several…

You’re not decentralized if you’re relying on Amazon or Microsoft for hosting

At its core, decentralization is the process of taking power away from a central authority.

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STRK: “Engagement Farming” protocol for a fair governance power distribution.

Streak is an engagement-based token distribution that aims to form a DAO that offers Decentralized Governance As A Service (DGAAS)

3 Protocols With Product-Market Fit: Makerdao, Ren Project, and Kyber Network

Product-market-fit, the ambiguous state where a product’s need becomes obvious to outsiders. Anyone can claim their product to be a “game…

Liquidity Mining Will Drive An Explosion Of New Governance Token Models & Community Incentives

In February this year, at DAOfest, which was part of ETH Denver, I gave a talk titled “6 Thoughts On Community”, which included a few…

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