New Governance Vote on Nyan.Finance is Live!

After a couple days of deliberation, Nyan.Finance has decided to vote on taking a play out of $Core’s playbook.

The Nyan community is voting on whether or not to launch of v2 of Nyan (All Nyan/NIP/dNyan holders would be given a 1 to 1 swap) and add in the Liquidity Locking Mechanism $Core Utilizes.

As of right now, the vote is overwhelmingly favoring a migration to v2 and adding this feature:

This has been an extremely eventful day. Nyan*’s price has increased from a low of about $50 to going as high as $320. The results of today’s trading can be seen below:

A short but quick update for all of you following. When the results are tallied and the vote is decided we will announce the direction in which the community has chosen!

Stay tuned!!!!!!

submitted by /u/Chrisc9234