Crypto Porn Startup Says Its New Governance System Is Better than DAOs

PornVisory is moving to a decentralized governance structure based on the DFO standard, which allegedly allows greater user influence than DAOs.

Cryptocurrency pornography startup PornVisory is moving to a decentralized governance structure based on the (decentralized flexible organization) ​DFO standard.

According to PornVisory, DFO governance will enable token holders to propose changes and vote on governance aspects that will be subject to community voting. Platform users will need to stack the platform’s PVY Ethereum-based tokens to access the governance system.

The announcement comes shortly before the first airdrop of the firm’s PVY token scheduled for the end of the month.

DFOs are on-chain organizations that closely resemble decentralized autonomous organizations that further emphasize the community’s ability to shape the services. 

PornVisory’s founder, Veronica Noschese, told Cointelegraph that while a DAO handles some control over to the users, a DFO allows for any aspect of the decentralized application to be changed.

Noschese explained that DAOs allow the community to set the DApp’s configuration parameters, while DFOs allow them to change the code thanks to a modular design. Because of this, she said that the community can even determine the algorithms that govern the ecosystem:

“In a DFO users can cast votes in an anonymous and censorship-resistant way, because the code can be saved on-chain and becomes readable to all forever.”

Noschese concluded that decentralization is the feature that motivated her firm to move into the blockchain space. She said that she believes that users are important for any endeavor so they wanted them to be in control.

As Cointelegraph reported in late May, PornVisory plans to reward its users with tokens for watching adult content on its platform. The tokens can then be used to pay for premium content, interact with models on a dedicated live-streaming platform and spent in specialty shops.