EthTrader $DONUT governance report

I have worked up another state of governance report based on my previous one. I am still consistency checking so these numbers may change.

20200520 85.3.M 81.6M 46.6M
20200808 98.1M 93.3M 42M

As to what wallets are doing:

DATE 0-vote wallets DONUTs in 0-vote wallets wallets with more DONUTS than CONTRIB DONUTS in wallets with D>C
20200520 281 24.1M 55 21.9M
20200808 661 50M 44 8.3M

Interesting fact is the number of new wallets with CONTRIB over this time is only up 4 from 553 to 557 unique registered wallets. Wallets with DONUTS up from 753 to 1091.

We have more wallets now with DONUTS than > 0 CONTRIB.

How many wallets with CONTRIB can vote?

DATE Wallets > 0 vote Wallets with > 0 CONTRIB % voter retention
20200520 473 553 85.5%
20200808 431 557 77.4%

If you want other information feel free to make a request and offer up some DONUTS as I am steadily raising funds to hire and pay for someone who can get me the on-chain data required for these kinds of reports. Goal is to be able to take snapshots of the data and automate analysis and produce snapshot data time graphs etc.

I will leave discussion of the implications of the above data for this discussion thread.

submitted by /u/Eth_Man